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Our Passion for Quality

The origins of Massa Imports BV began in 2015 when we made our first trip to Italy to interview suppliers and sample their products. Our goal is to bring to you only the best quality products from small suppliers who value traditional family production methods with an emphasis on sustainability.

Most of our products cannot be found in stores or from other exporters. We have developed personal relationships with our suppliers. And we have toured and inspected each of their production facilities and farms. Don’t be fooled by large commercial producers selling low grade quality products as “Made in Italy” for cheap prices. Be assured when you purchase from us you will be serving your family the best quality. At Massa Imports “Food is Family.”

What our customers say…

My son and I truly believe these are some of the finest pasta ingredients we have ever enjoyed. – Timothy C. (NY)

These types of products are not easily found locally so I will definitely be ordering again. If you’re undecided about ordering, don’t hesitate. I am going to order another basket as a gift for someone who tasted it all and wants some. – Michelle P. (CA)

We received one of these as a gift and I loved absolutely everything in the basket. Best pasta ever along with the sauce and special herbs to make a homemade blend. Loved the lemon oil along with the marmalade. – Franchine O. (NJ)