Producer Spotlight – Baccanti – Wine

Producer Spotlight – Baccanti – Wine

“Poggio delle Baccanti”, az. agricultural La Mura, was born as an evolution of the La Mura winery which was founded in the fifties by Mr. Raffaele La Mura born in 1924.

Raffaele, the son of a winemaker, began at a young age to produce and market wine with his brother Paolo. Having accumulated the necessary experience, he subsequently decided to set up on his own, taking an interest in the various vines of Campania and dedicating himself in particular to the production of Gragnano and Vesuvian wines.

Aware of the importance of the territory and territoriality, this company aims not only to re-propose the products of the area, but to re-propose a philosophy of life, thus trying to perfect the union between earth and man. Currently the La Mura family is engaged in the production of five indigenous single-grape varieties as well as the traditional wines of the Sorrento Peninsula, Vesuvius and recently also Capri, also paying close attention to the typical products with which to accompany and promote them.

With the generational change the techniques are refined and the equipment modernized but, the current administrators, the son Giovanni and the nephew Raffaele (oenologist), in an attempt to make a new contribution, understand that they have to expand the supply chain and make a pact with the “Land ”Are dedicated to improving the cultivation of the vine. Strong in tradition and with the enthusiasm of the new generations, “Poggio delle Baccanti” dedicates more and more energy to the production and preservation of the typical vines of the area.

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