Q: I am not registered at the Kamer van Koophandel, can I still order products from you?

A: Unfortunately, you can only order products through our e-commerce site if you are registered at the chamber of commerce. However, If you are interested in our products, send an e-mail to laura@massaimportsbv.com, and we will answer you as soon as possible with a detailed list of the consumer line products. 

Q: How do I register as a company in order to have access to the complete e-commerce site of Massa Imports BV?

A: In order to access the full e-commerce site, including the prizes and possibility to place orders, you simply create an account providing your BTW-number and some basic information. Your chamber of commerce registration will be checked automatically, and you will be able to log in within a few minutes. 

Q: I am having problems logging in or creating an account, what do I do?

A: Send an e-mail to laura@massaimportsbv.com stating your issues or call 0628784533. We will try to solve your problem in no time. 

Q: Why are the product prices not visible on the website?

A: Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to see the prices and further product details. 

Q: Which options do I have to place an order?

A: There are 4 ways to place an order with us. These include:

– Online via our ecommerce site

– via e-mail to laura@massaimportsbv.com

– in person at a meeting with Massa Imports BV

– per phone (0628784533)-> only if an order has been previously placed

Q: Can I try the products and meet you in person?

A: Yes of course! We pride ourselves of our family-like, personal interaction and relationship with our customers. As we are a small family business, we really care about fulfilling our customers individual needs. If you would like to receive further details, meet us or taste our products, send an e-mail to laura@massaimportsbv.com or call 0628784533 to set up a meeting. 

Q: How can I receive more information about the products?

A: You can receive more information about the products and their origins on our website, by meeting with us, calling us or per e-mail. 

Q: Do you have minimum orders?

A: No, there are no minimum orders when ordering with Massa Imports BV. We are a small family business and appreciate every order. We want to give every customer the chance to try small quantities of a new product before placing a bigger order. 

Q: What is your delivery/shipping policy?

A: We want to make shipping/ delivery as easy as possible for you, therefore we work with flat rates. 

For orders within Rotterdam, we make the deliveries personally and ask a delivery fee of 5€. For orders above 80€ in Rotterdam, we deliver completely free. 

For orders to other cities in the Netherlands, the shipping costs are of 11€ for orders up to 30kg. 

For orders above this amount, we would like to make the delivery ourselves to meet you in person. This delivery to other cities in the Netherlands for orders above 30kg is complimentary and a gratuity from our side. 

Q: What are the delivery days and how often per week can we deliver to you?

A: We are very flexible in our delivery days and times. We will deliver to you up to 2 times a week, depending on the size of your order. We understand your individual needs, therefore we will be setting up the delivery date/ time based on your schedule. 

Q: Can I also pick up my order?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick up your order at the moment. 

Q: I would like to order a specific product, but I cannot find it on your website. What can I do?

A: We emphasize flexibility, customer happiness and individual service. Send us an e-mail or call us with your special request and we will try to find you your dream product.