Producer Spotlight – Frantoio Gargiulo — Olive Oil

Producer Spotlight – Frantoio Gargiulo — Olive Oil

Born from the love for our land and the passion for olive oil, in the 1970s an authentic Sorrentino created the “Frantoio Gargiulo” with the desire to present Sorrento oil to the world. 40 years later this dream continues with passion and commitment, they export the tradition of Sorrento mills to over 50 countries.

Storia del Frantoio Gargiulo

The passion for oil has always been part of our tradition. In 1849, on the hills of Sorrento, our oil mill with stone mill and manual press began its production activity, handed down from generation to generation, in compliance with the most ancient processing rituals.

We offer only the best products, the result of careful selection of the raw material and rigorous control of the entire supply chain, from collection to packaging. Our company has about 2 hectares of olive groves that guarantee the absolute quality and complete traceability of our oil. Our oil mill has always intended to divulge local food and wine culture as much as possible, knowledge of EVO oil and its extraordinary beneficial properties.

The introduction of new technologies in the production processes has not affected our link with tradition. Today the Gargiulo oil mill, respecting the values from which our business is born, continues to privilege the quality of the entire production of extra virgin olive oil, the true resource of our territory.

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