Win Handmade Sorrento Jewelry!

4 Grand-Prize Winners

2 Women’s Sirens’ Rings

2 Men’s Italian Leather Bracelets

Mermaids and Sirens are a large part of the fables and history of the Amalfi Coast.  Several sirens were said to have inhabited the Li Galli Islands off the coast of Sorrento, one of them played the lyre, another sang, and another played the flute.

Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ tells the story of Ulysses being drawn upon treacherous rocks of the Li Galli Islands by the beguiling songs of the Sirens. He saved himself by having his crew lash him to the mast of his ship, so that he could sail through the irresistible songs without being able to succumb.

In this month’s giveaway, we offer the woman’s Siren’s Ring and a man’s Italian Leather Bracelet, symbolic of the leather used to strap Ulysses to the mast of his ship.

Both pieces are handmade by Padova Jewelry (bio below).  Please support artisans like Padova Jewelry and visit their website for more stunning pieces

Siren’s Ring

.925 Sterling Silver

6mm Faceted Blue Topaz Round

One Size Fits Most – Adjustable

Remove before showering or swimming.

Handmade from wax carving then cast in sterling silver through lost-wax casting.

Italian Leather Bracelet

6mm wide, great size to wear on its own or stack with other complimenting bracelets

18/8 Stainless Steel Magnetic Clasp

Italian leather only gets better with age when proper care is practiced.

Remove when showering or swimming.

Padova Jewelry

Padova Jewelry is named after the origin of where my family last name comes from. A family of many artisans such as wood workers, metalsmiths, printers, and jewelers. I grew up alongside my Father as he dabbled in many hands-on hobbies, one being jewelry making. He introduced me to the endless world of gemstones and gave me free reign to discover my creative side.

Fast forward 20 years of going to school, working, finding a place in the real world to waking up one day feeling like something is missing. I had reached a point in life where I needed a passion, a creative outlet, until one day my Father sent me a peridot ring he had made from recycled gold. This was my ah-ha moment!

That sweet gift inspired me to find my little corner in the jewelry world and carry on a passion that I once shared with my Father. His endless knowledge and creativity as an artist, is a constant inspiration. It has been four years so far since I started making jewelry on a regular basis, a craft that is ever evolving. From working with beads to creating fine jewelry on a small batch scale and often one-of-a-kind pieces.

I now happily wake up each day looking forward to what I can bring to fruition for the kindest strangers and friends near and far, who show support for Padova Jewelry.