Massa Rewards Loyalty Program

Register and Earn Rewards to Receive FREE Products!

Five Ways to Earn Points

Share one of our products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, MeWe and earn 5 points*
Post a product review and earn 10 points
Just for registering you will receive a bonus of 25 points
Place your first order and earn 50 points
For each $99.99 spent on the site, you will earn another 25 points
For every 50 points earned you can convert those points into a  coupon code for 10% off your order!
Register, purchase your first order of more than $99.99 and you will earn points for coupons for 20% off your next order!
There’s no limit on the coupons you can earn!
*Each social media share of a product receives 5 points. Each product is only eligible for 1 share. For example, you cannot share the same product twice and receive double the credit. Only shares originating from the “Share Now” buttons on the product pages result in earning Massa Rewards points. Coupon redemption is limited to one item with a value of $129.99 or less.
Points are valid for 90 days from the date they were earned.