Producer Spotlight – Pastificio Pepe – Pasta

Producer Spotlight – Pastificio Pepe – Pasta

Pastificio Pepe was born in Gragnano, the world-famous pasta country.

The production of pasta is favored by two climatic characteristics of the country: a light sea breeze that allows the slow drying of the pasta and the healthiness of the water that gives a unique flavor.

Over the centuries many pasta makers have dedicated themselves to the processing of pasta and among them the Pastificio Pepe which, even today, with dedication, passion and tradition leads its small pasta factory, offering a product of the highest quality, made in the way of the all handcrafted and drawn in bronze.

The pasta is produced with a slow drying method, using totally Italian hard wheat semolina of high quality to enhance its scent, flavor and unsurpassed toughness.

Last but not for this reason to be considered such, the love and experience in following the production of pasta in all its phases, “that pasta” that has made Gragnano famous all over the world.

Enjoy your meal!

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