Olive oil is perhaps the most essential ingredient in the Mediterranean cuisine. A good olive oil gives a finishing touch to every dish and adds uniqueness, as well as flavor. The good news for all olive oil fans is how healthy extra virgin olive oil actually is! Full of vitamins and healthy fats, olive oil has been used in the Mediterranean cuisine for centuries and has culinary, medical, cosmetic and health benefits.

Our olive oil is produced exclusively with the best olives of the Amalfi Coast, grown on ancient trees and Pompeian volcanic soil, which provides extra flavor and minerals.

Our supplier has been producing olive oil in Sorrento since 1849. The history of our oil began with a traditional mill grinder and a few acres of land. Even today, the Gargiulo family emphasizes traditional production, according to their long family history producing top-quality oil. Due to the hilly terrain, the olives are still today manually harvested, carefully selected and cold-pressed, to produce a unique oil we love.

Try one of our many olive oil infusions, which unite the classic extra virgin olive oil with flavors from the region, giving an extra kick and boost of flavor to your cooking and dips.

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