No beverage is more typical and important to Italians than wine. Produced in different regions all over Italy for thousands of years, wine is an absolute must to the Italian cuisine.

Mount Vesuvius, the characteristic Neapolitan volcano has always attracted wine production. The rolling hills of Mount Vesuvius seem to contain the perfect soil for wine production. After the eruption of 79 AD in Pompeii, the wine production in Campania and especially in the Amalfi Coast area flourished. The perfect mixture of sun, humidity, sea breezes, altitude and the fertile volcanic soil was the basis for ancient wines, many of which are still enjoyed and loved today.

In Campania, wine production is often a tradition transferred over generations. Many grandfathers or “Nonnos” still produce their family wine from the grapes of their own garden. The wines offered by Massa Imports BV captures this passion and tradition.

Try one of our heavenly Campania wines, the wines enjoyed over generations since ancient times.

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