A Taste of Naples


A sampling of the best of Naples and the Sorrentino Peninsula.

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Please Note: The photograph only shows one bottle of Passata di Antico Pomodoro but you will receive two bottles with this purchase (we couldn’t fit both bottles into the basket). 

Description: A sampling of the best of Naples and the Sorrentino Peninsula. Included in this box of traditional Italian specialties are;

(2) Passata di Antico Pomodoro

(4) packages of Pasta – a selection of Fattorosi, Pepe and D’ Aniello pastas (2000 grams)

(1) Fattorosi Neapolitan Infused Olive Oil (250 ml)

(1) Syrrenyum Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250 ml)

(1) Orange, Lemon or Mandarin Marmalade (360 grams)

(1) Black Truffle Olive Oil (175 ml)

(1) Glassa Gastronomica Balsamico di Modena or Glassa al Limone or Glassa al Tartufo Bianco or Garlic Infused Olive Oil (250 ml)

(1) Free Gift: Caffe Italia Michelangelo (250gr)

Priced separately: over $120.00  

Reduced Price: $99.99 including shipping to the United States (basket not included)


Allergies: Gluten, could contain traces of soy, onion, garlic

Additional Information: Purchase with our Campania wine sampler for a true taste of Naples!


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