Lacryma Christi Bianco


Dry white wine

60% Caprettone, 20% Catalanesca, 20% Falanghina

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Lacryma Christi, or “the tears of Christ”. This antique wine was named after a divine legend. 

According to the legend, when Lucifer, a former angel of God, fell from heaven, he broke off a piece of paradise, which he intended to take with him. This piece of paradise now forms the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Christ, sorrowed by this loss of paradise, cried divine tears. These tears fell on Mount Vesuvius and nourished the ground which still now produces the Lacryma Christi wine. The red Lacryma Christi serves as an excellent pairing for grilled red meats, pasta dishes in rich red sauces, Lasagna and Cannelloni, as well as medium-aged cheeses. The white Lacryma Christi accompanies perfectly fish, seafood and crustaceans as well as young cheeses. Try this divine red or white wine from the hills of Mount Vesuvius. 

Lacryma Christi bianco

Dry white wine 

60% Caprettone, 20% Catalanesca, 20% Falanghina

Altitude: 200-400 m above sea level

Alcohol percentage: 12,5-13,5% (depending on production year)

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Weight 1.250 kg


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