Sfiz and Soda Bianco


Easy, fun, bubbly.

Try it in red or white.

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Sfiz and Soda, the Aperitivo creation inspired by the Amalfi coast. 

In the summertime, Neapolitans traditionally enjoy “a` Percoca”. This is red or white wine infused with chunks of fresh peaches. 

It’s a fresh and absolutely delicious drink, usually only enjoyed in the summer. This really is a shame as everybody loves “A`Percoca”. I remember growing up how the moment the days started to get warmer and longer, the first thing my father used to do to celebrate the come- back of the summer was preparing homemade “A`percoca”.   

Thanks to Sfiz and Sodas creation, you can enjoy this delicious fresh and bubbly “A´Percoca” anytime you want. No more waiting for the summer and hassle-free as the drink is already mixed for you.  

Easy, fun, bubbly. 

Try it in red or white. 

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