Producer Spotlight – Solagri Cooperative – Marmalade

Producer Spotlight – Solagri Cooperative – Marmalade

La Storia

The Solagri Cooperative was founded in 1994 thanks to the resourcefulness and attachment to his land of Mariano Valentino Vinaccia, a young farmer and former long-time captain, determined to save the Sorrento Lemon from extinction and relaunch its cultivation, made uneconomic for decades the absence of appropriate marketing strategies and adequate enhancement policies.

Today the Coop. Solagri is made up of over 300 farms and Mariano Valentino Vinaccia is the President.

Since 2000, thanks to the commitment of Solagri, the “Limone ovale di Sorrento” has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of the European Community, ie the “Oval Lemon” is only the one produced in the Sorrento Peninsula and on the Island of Capri.

Solagri selects and packages the lemons with infinite care and distributes them on the national and foreign markets that are more attentive to quality.

The Solagri Cooperative

Very high quality of the product and Solagri’s ability to bring it to consumers’ tables while keeping its freshness, goodness, aroma, aroma, flavor unaltered; these are the musts of a cooperative that puts the enhancement of the territory and its products at the forefront of its objectives. Tasting a Solagri jam or a slice of bread with a drizzle of our oil means rediscovering, and for many trying for the first time, ancient, simple flavors. The Cooperative’s products are for everyone, and for all tastes, and even those who are not gourmet experts recognize them immediately. Healthy and genuine products suitable for everyone!

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